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Author: Listieva Lily June 12, 2014 Category: About plants

Video about Hydrangea treelike. Tree hydrangea - upright shrub up to two meters. Hydrangea leaves on long petioles, oval, on the edges - serrate. Tree hydrangea is best suited for the shady part of the garden. Hydrangea grows quickly and has good winter-resistance - even frozen shoots are restored well. The guarantee of successful flowering of hydrangeas - overwintered shoots of the previous year. Tree hydrangea is the only species that can be successfully propagated by dividing old bushes. It is not demanding on soils, but prefers weakly acidic substrates. Very responsive to mulching with pine bark, coarse wood chips, peat and other organic materials. A sunny place closed from the north would be perfect for her. Hydrangea tree well responds to fertilizers more dense foliage and abundant long flowering. Effectively looks when landing on a lawn by groups of several plants. On young and vigorous shoots of hydrangeas sometimes aphid settles. Chlorosis is seen on the leaves.

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